a little complaining never hurt anyone

I know it might seem unbelievable, but we have bad days. Today, everything that we warned you about in our, I wish I’d known blog, has completely eaten away at me.  As an expat, sometimes we revert back to, In _______ (insert your home country here)… Today that is what I did. We have moments where we wish that the customs and attitudes and everything was the same, but then we remember there was a reason why we left and why we love where we have landed.

I am writing a disclaimer… I love living here. I love the country and the people…as you can tell from our blog and previous experiences. But at the moment I am having one of those days where I want to lose my mind!! I am sharing because that is what we do with blogs. Please know that if I read someone else’s blog that complained like this I would tell them to get over it, move on  and stop complaining… advice taken I promise.

Here’s what annoyed the crap out of me today.

1. almost got hit by a stupid scooter as I was crossing a cross walk…I had the little green walking man. ps Korea, scooters are meant for the road and must follow car laws, people are meant for the sidewalks and crosswalks!

2. when I exited the elevator, 3 people came rushing at me to get in…all I wanted to do was get out. ps Korea, people coming out of elevators have the right of way.

3. the elevator stopped on 4 floors where no one got in or out, but someone must have had the need to press each of the 4 elevators to come up and get them for fear of waiting an extra minute for just one! ps Korea, use the stairs if you live on floor two and only call one elevator should you need it.

4. no one can walk straight!!!! when I am coming at you, stay where you are don’t cross in front of me. ps. Korea stay to the right except when passing.

5. the underground shopping mall is a good 90 degrees…turn on the air! ps. Korea, air conditioning is better to kill germs in very busy places (especially underground places)

6. my students are adults…throw away your own cups after class ps. Korea, pick up after yourselves.

7. cell phone store worker spit a gigantic loogie as he was walking right in front of me, not only did I almost pass out from the sound, but I had to lose my footing to avoid stepping in your saliva. ps. Korea…DON’T Hawk loogies

8. our hallway to our apartment is hot, humid and smells of cigarettes, even though it is a new building and there are signs everywhere that say don’t smoke. ps. Korea…respect your property!

9. students, ladies, men with man bags…my classroom chairs are limited and for the use of human rear-ends only, please remove your bag and place it on the floor! It will be ok. ps. Korea…it’s just a bag!

so now, as I sit in our cute little neighborhood coffee shop drinking my steamed milk… i’m doing my best to relax, unwind and Get Over It, maybe I should be drinking Soju instead.


3 hours later…see update


  1. Yes, I can completely understand your frustration from all these! I had too perfect imagination for Busan. I thought it should be very clean and people all obey rules because it is so close to Japan. But I was so disappointed after we arrived here! There is rubbish almost everywhere while I couldn’t find rubbish bin almost anywhere.
    There is no air con anywhere. I sweated so much while waiting for metro. Why don’t they use air con in the metro stations?
    We still don’t have air con installed in our flat and it is just too hot and humid!
    I thought it would be high-tech place as Korea people are so proud of. But we had so much trouble getting internet working.
    I had to admit that I got the worst culture shock here even though I had lived in Cyprus, Finland and Hong Kong.
    But Busan does have charms as well. I started to get over it and find the beauty of this city. I’m sure I will have many such kind of bad days you just experienced. Just have to shout all these out and feel better, as you did. ;o)

    Look forward to meeting you soon and talk about Busan in real.

    Also the tips of travelling in HK. :o)


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