Fast and Furious Growth

Our little “dot”

This is very cool. Daddy and I have a secret and everyday we walk around our big city trying to to burst and tell everyone you are inside!

You must be growing ALOT! During the day I am always starving and exhausted. I think it is because you are sleeping and grow more when you are asleep then awake.

You are just a little over 5 weeks but already wipe me of my energy, but it’s okay, I am loving my long naps (Eunee too)

Today we went to the Doctor and and she said that you are getting bigger and healthy. “Full Nutrients,” she said. There was no doubt that we saw you this week. You have grown almost 100 times bigger since we saw you last week! Although we communicate very little, we understand enough.

I do have to tell you, here in Korea, the baby doctors office is different though then back in America. I go straight into the doctors office itself and sit in a dentist type chair. They put my legs up basically by my ears (good thing I do yoga) and then remote control the chair into a relined position. They wrap a divider across my lap so Daddy can’t see my business, and then they let him stand by my head and look at the monitor. We are really lucky because in America you make your first doctors appointment at 8 weeks… we did it at 4! And in America you only get 2 or 3 pictures and we get one every week!! (don’t worry they are harmless…they are from a wand that the doctor puts inside me in order to see you)

I am no good with secrets 🙂 Everyday it seems to slip up and I tell one more person. Today we were able to tell our favorite restaurant owners down the street about you. Although they don’t speak any English but “Hello,” the wife started crying and hugged us so tight in her arms.

We had to go to the bank today to get your “Go Mom” card. It is your very first credit card. The government here gives you 500,000 Won to spend on medical bills and our weekly visits to the doctor.

Our banker also was super excited. He even gave us a yogurt drink and told Daddy that it was to keep us healthy.

This week we also told your Aunts and Uncles and they are all so excited to meet you! They are super excited to love you, spoil you, make you laugh, and give you hugs and kisses.

Next week the doctor said we should be able to hear your heart beat! Daddy and I can’t wait!

You also went through your first Typhoon! Bolaven was a category 3 Typhoon that went right up the Western side of Korea. Luckily we live on the East side and just had a ton of wind and low clouds.

Baby D we love you!


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