Passport Supersized

As we prepped for our next trip at the end of the month I realized that I was running into an issue. My passport was about out of space which could in fact cause an issue. Having less than 4 pages could stop me from traveling in or out of the country and while being stuck on the shores of Boracay seems like a plan to me, Nicole, Eunee and the Baby-to-be thought otherwise.

(left) shipping charges (center) amendment page (right) new pages!

Fortunately for me, this past week, the US Embassy had its American Citizen’s Services Outreach peeps on location in Busan to add some much needed pages to my passport. This was very convenient as it took place about 10 minutes from the house and saved me a 4 hour trip to Seoul.

Here are some of the details for those that need the 411 on the “page-adding” process….for the nerdy version, check out the embassy site (here)

  • Call ahead to make a reservation at 82-2-397-4114
  • Go to a bank and grab a cashiers check or money order (our bank called it a bank check) in the amount of $82 (US Dollars)…roughly 110,000 won. at the currant exchange rate. Make it payable to “US Embassy Seoul”. Its called a mi-hwa-song-guem-su-pyo if you need to tell someone at the bank. If you are doing this at the main Embassy in Seoul you should be able to pay by card or in cash but I’d double check over the phone first.
  • Make a copy of your passport picture page because they will need to take it for a few days (this may differ if you are having the service done at the main embassy offices in Seoul where you may be able to get the whole thing done the same day)
  • Follow this link to the forms wizard page that will allow you to print and sign the one form you will need to have filled out. (Link) They will have copies there if you forget or can’t get to a printer.
    *If you are mailing everything...use the address below with the form, money and passport.
  • Address for U.S. military or U.S. postage:
    American Citizen Services
    U.S. Embassy Seoul
    Unit 15550
    APO AP 96205-5550
  • Depending on where you are located in the country you will have to pay a fee to have the passport shipped to you once its ready. This should take no more than a week. I got mine in 5 days. You will have to pay upon its delivery and the most you should have to pay is 10K won.

Thats it! Easy breezy. Now lets get some more stamps!


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