Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

In 2010, we rented an RV and drove through Europe for 6 weeks. We didn’t really have too much of a plan, just enter the next city we wanted to visit into the GPS and hit the road.

When we left Cannes and were heading to Geneva, Switzerland our GPS said 8 hours.

These eight hours ended up being 3 days for us. The path brought us through the most amazing roads I have ever driven on. We were driving through the alps in an RV. The roads were narrow, there were no guide posts and the fog was unbelievable.

On the second day, when we were so high up we could no longer see the ground, this amazingly huge horse came trotting by. If we were in America, I would have said it was a native American spirit telling us we were on the right path, but we were in France.

This horse appeared out of the blue, along with some donkeys. It was incredible. You can watch the video below. We just happened to be video taping when we passed it.

For a more detailed view of our encounter with this horse in the alps, fast forward to 4:20 and watch from there…

You can read more about the Weekly Photo Challenge here


  1. Wow! I am so enjoying reading your adventures! And RV through Europe?!? So jealous 😉 what a way to go to be able to see things!


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