are always changing.

First I have to apologize. I have been completely neglecting my blogging. Life has thrown us some interesting curve balls recently and I am just trying to keep my head on straight and get done the stuff that needs to be gettin a done.

10 years ago I thought I knew what my future held. (I was going to be a teacher)
5 years ago I thought something completely different. (I was going to be a rich sales woman)
3 years ago I had an epiphany and well changed my ideas for the future. (We was going to be expats and spend years all over the world in different countries)
6 months ago I had a plan for life in Korea. (we were going to have a baby and raise it here to be bilingual)
1 month ago my mind started to get really confused about the future.
1 week ago all the plans for our future changed.

What I am getting at, is planning too far into the future really hinders you from living in the present and doing what you want and needs to be done.

Last week, Adam and I decided to give notice here in Korea, pack up…cancel our expat status and head back to America. My Mom is fighting this nasty battle with Cancer and I want to be closer so I can hug her and give her more personal encouragement, Adam is still finding it extremely difficult to find work here and our options are really minimal here.

So, in a week, we are packing, selling, tossing, and moving.

Adam and I were talking last night that we almost feel like immigrants. That at this point in our lives, America feels like the land of opportunity for us. We can find work in whatever field we want, we can bring up our child in a diverse nation with tons of opportunities. This is a very new outlook for us that we are excited to have. It has been a long time since we have thought this positive about life in the USA.

We are really excited for our new beginning. We have no idea where we want to settle, what state we want to raise our baby in, or even what we want to do with our future careers. All we know is that we have a billion options and are really excited to see where that takes us.



  1. I have just started wordpress blog. And this blog is my favorite one. I wish you two have good luck in your future. Though you leave Korea for new life in USA, I’d like to keep visiting here. Have a good weekend~ πŸ™‚


  2. Nicole and Adam, you are making a lot of right decisions. Yes, your mother needs you. She and I can hardly wait to hug you. She actually hugged the pillow in our living room that says, “Always my daughter…Now too, my friend.” The support team we have is unbeatable. Cancer is beatable. Mom’s a fighter and a survivor. Together, as a team, we will help her in this effort. The timing couldn’t be more coincidental, your delivery time and the time mom will finish the battle a victor is right around the same time. We will ALL CELEBRATE. As for your travels, you are still young and vigorous. As for Adam’s job, lots of us here are plugging for him and he also has a superb support system. Yes, you’re making all the right moves.


    • Thanks for your support Howie. Nicole and i are only able to make our decisions because of the confidence we have in our amazing support system. The adventure will continue wherever we go and it will be nice to be closer to share it with you all very soon. Love, Adam


  3. I agree with Dad, Nicole. You are making the right move. Mom needs you and you need to be close to your Mom. Once she is all better, you can decide where you want to settle down. (of course, we would love it if you settled in our corner, but I think Mom and Dad would not agree! πŸ˜‰
    Life is an ever changing canvas, and you and Adam have managed to weave quite a picture already! There is so much more to add. Never loose your sense of adventure. Because of you, we now look at the world with renewed enthusiasm.
    You, Adam, the baby and the pup(s) will be all right wherever you end up because your attitude is the best!!
    Take care and travel safe.
    Lots of love xxoo


    • Thank you Renata, you and Mickey always make us smile and feel so good about everything. We know that life is going to bob and weave something great over the coming months and years…..and that in that time we will welcome the challenge and changes because they really are what makes the adventure and life so special. Love Adam and Nicole xoxo


  4. Well said.. planning too far ahead really does prevent you from living fully in the present. Best of luck in the USofA! πŸ™‚


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