Week 8: Kickin it up a notch!

This week was our final doc appointment in South Korea Lil. Week 7 and 8 were pretty busy times for you in there. You got some feets and hands and are about to lose that tail…sorry, but its less cool once you get out. You’re about 1.9 cm now and your super brain is now taking shape but thats not the only superness going on inside you.

Your heart, is now beating at a turbocharged 175 beats per minute. Now it took daddy some time to figure this out…. his heat beats at roughly 55bpm. Daddies heart puts out a relatively slow .91 beats ber second while you are crushin it at 20.61 thumps a tick. Now, if we change that into a very important stat….how fast you go from 0-60, you’ll learn more about this later….then it really gets cool. Daddy’s heart moves from 0-60bpm at a 50cc scooter speed of 65.9 seconds. You, on the other hand are spittin flames at 0-60bpm speed of 20.61 seconds.

You would lap me three times Lil! Needless to say, that kinda horsepower needs high octane juice so mom and I have been doing our best to give it to ya. You love your OJ, cucumbers and saltines best 🙂 Mom is also giving you lots of her energy to keep your motor running strong.

Its great to see you workin so hard…..you make us so proud already 🙂

Thats all for now….buckle up Lil, its only gonna get fast and fabulous from here on out! xoxox

Love, Dad


  1. We are loving you so much! You look amazingly strong and healthy!keep eating like a piggie we will fluff mommy up when u get to America. We will work on your skinny sister Eunee also. now Poppa Frankie is so excited about you and your cousin he was buying you clothes at disney this weekend…..i know love…naked is cool…but one way or another..your gonna end up in a buzzlightyear onesee….or a vast variety of princess garb! Im sure your large brain is trying to process this….no worries…he is also buying you the full disney collection to set you up. Its all good sweet Lil….you will know love! Xoxoxo Grandma and Poppa Frankie


  2. Oh wow! Congratulations!!! How exciting! Hope you guys enjoy your last days in Korea to the fullest! Be sure to eat lots of yummy food and sing your heart out at noraebang for me 😉


  3. Congrats! Kids are amazing! We had our first in Dec 2010 and are due with #2 just a few weeks after you and Nicole! I honestly can’t imagine life without my son in it and it makes you fall in love with your spouse in a whole new way!

    Highly recommend Advanced Women’s Health Specialist in Lake Mary and especially Dr. Boulting once you get the insurance sorted out. Wishing ya’ll a healthy and happy pregnancy! 🙂


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