a very special..until next time

Back Row, Chul, Drella, Alice, Bobbie, Toress, Voli, Sean
Middle Row, Adam, Me, Sophia, Sally, Coco, Christopher
Bottom, Jay and Charlie
Missing, Luke

Two weeks ago when we made the decision to head back to America a bit early, we really didn’t even begin to think about the goodbyes (or as a friend reminded me…until next time’s)

A student of mine, Christopher (middle row, suit, far right) emailed me and said that we must go out for dinner. So, word spread and before we knew it, a meal was planned.

We all met for Sumguypsal and Kimchi and of course Soju and Beer for everyone but me  (prego), Christopher (doesn’t drink and Luke (business trip to China in the morning).

There was so much happiness surrounding us and the feeling of friendship was something extremely hard to explain. I told everyone that it is sad that we had to wait until I left to all spend such a fun time together. I don’t know why we didn’t all meet and do this earlier in our time here in Korea.

It is amazing the impact that we all have on one another when we don’t even realize it. You all have meant so much to me. Thank you for such a great time.

And, a very special note to our favorite Korean couple who have graciously adopted us since the first night we arrived in Busan. After many many tears between us, we were able to express our love and just how special we have been to each other. We will never forget the two of you (and Grandma in the kitchen). We hope one day we will see you in America. You will forever be in our memories and hearts.



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