Doggie Travel

Bringing a dog from Korea to America is much easier than bringing a dog from America to Korea.

Just the idea of 33 hours of travel makes Eunee exhausted.

Here is what you have to do, We left from Gimhae but I imagine everything is the same through Seoul.

1st. When you book your airline ticket, make sure your airline allows dogs in the cabin, that is if your dog is small enough. I know as of right now, Korean Air, Delta and Air Canada allow them. Call the airline before you book your ticket and make sure there is room for your dog on your specific flight that you have found (they only allow a certain amount per flight). Then, book your ticket. Call back and pay fr your animal’s reservation. (Some airlines have you pay when you get to the airport, but you still have to reserve their spot)

2nd. Make sure your dog is up to date on all their vaccinations. They have to have their rabies shot at least 30 days before you travel. We also had Eunee microchipped.

3rd. Have your vet fill out two forms. One is a health certificate basically stating their color, breed, weight, sex, and that they are healthy. The second form is a rabies certificate. It has all the same information but also includes their rabies vaccination number and if the culture was live etc. BRING 2 COPIES SIGNED BY YOUR VET

4th. On the day of your departure, before you check in, bring your pet and their forms to the quarantine office. It is located on the 1st floor, in the back left corner of the airport in the International Terminal. They open at 9 am, but saw us at 8:30.

The man who helped us spoke great English and filled out all of her forms. They typed up 2 forms for us, one original and one copy. We paid 11,000 won and that was it.

Eunee under the seat on the plane.

When we arrived in Japan for our layover, a lady brought us through customs and made a copy of her paperwork and that was it.

When we entered US customs, they just asked if she had all her shots and let us through. The Toronto Airport was super nice and no one complained when we had Eunee out of her cage and on our laps for the layover. (she was a little sketched out)

It was incredibly smooth and easy.

We did bring her cage twice into the bathrooms on the place and gave her water. I also unzipped her cage a few times and gave her an ice cube to chew on. She was incredibly mellow and honestly it was super easy to bring her to the states.

If you are reading this and still have questions about transporting your pet, please do ask.



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