Blogger Awards

The last few weeks we have admitted to ourselves, we haven’t really focused much attention on our blog. We have just been trying to find our groove back here in the states. It is a little harder than you may think. Our days have been preoccupied with: eating, sitting by the pool, talking to family, applying for jobs, sitting by the pool (did I mention that one already), catching up on our TV shows (lazy American’s) and sleeping on soft beds!

But, the blogging community continues to blossom each day with great things to read on so many different topics. In the last two weeks, we have been nominated by 3 different bloggers for 3 different blogging awards. So, I want to take the time to first say thanks so much for taking the time to read our blog. I’m glad that we have left an impression where you come back and read.

These awards are great knowing that our blog and written words have left an impression on you so much so that you thought of us when nominating.

The rules for accepting the awards:

1)    Thank the blogger who nominated you and share a link to that blog

2)    Attach the award icon to your site

3)  Answer some questions and nominate other bloggers (see each of my answers for the details on the questions and how many blogs to nominate).

So, drum roll please:

Our first award is the Beautiful Blogger Award nominated by Autumn in Bruges

Share 7 random things about yourself (ourselves):

  • I have a freckle on the top of my big right toe that looks like someone dropped a sharpie tip down, directly on my toe.
  • Adam is way more adventurous than I; however, I talk a good game.
  • I love to drive.
  • Adam loves cars and everything about them. I think by the time he was 3 he could ring out stats and by 4 was entrusted to pick out his parents new car.
  • We want to live in an older house that doesn’t look anything like its neighbors, with a garden out back and an interior we did all by ourselves.
  • We want our next big trip to include a long trip through South America beginning in Cuba (not really part of South America, but regardless…)
  • Adam eats the most strange combinations of food, daily… (peanut butter, yogurt, raisins, honey, cherrios, preserves, and oatmeal)… he wants to open up a gourmet PB&J food truck.

Our Nominations for the Beautiful Blogger Award are:

1. (I love your recipes)

2. (I think I have liked more of your blogs than anyone else. I love your colors and design ideas, I can’t wait for a house to use some of them!)

3. (I learn from you)

4. (your designs are so colorful and clean)

5. (yum yum yum and yum)

6. (I love your ideas!)

7. (someday we will make it downunder and want you to plan our trip!)

8. (I love your colors and ideas)

9. (Your taste is beautimus!)

10. (Tiffany is an amazing person, a beautiful writer and a great cook!)

Very Inspiring Blogger Award nominated by She’s Losing It.

This is totally awesome, thank you so much Lisa! Inspiring is never a bad thing 🙂

Share 7 things about yourself (ourselves)

  • We loved eloping, we think everyone should do it.
  • Adam ran over my foot when backing out of a parking spot. I hadn’t quite climbed into the car yet (I was putting my nephew in his car seat) and Adam decided it was a perfect time to back up… good thing I was wearing my Nike’s and they must have been made of steel.
  • I hate hate hate hate throwing up. It doesn’t matter how sick I am, how drunk I feel, how close I am…I refuse to be sick. I know sometimes I would be better off if I allowed myself to give in, but NO.
  • Adam loves sweet potatoes and dance music and well anything with auto tune. And, if he can combine them all together, say when he is making breakfast, then life is just that much better.
  • We are huge James Bond fans. I don’t really know how it happened. When we moved in together in 2008, we began renting them, in order on Netflix. Now we own the whole collection and absolutely love the little innuendos and humor thrown in. The fast cars (for Adam) and handsome men (for me) may have something to do with it.
  • I want to go back to school for nutrition. I want to work with community centers and help both the young and old understand how inexpensive and easy it can be to take care of yourself and your family.
  • Most importantly, we both believe and are in search of a career that will bring us fulfillment and happiness…not necessarily a huge paycheck.

Our nominations for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award are:

1.  (your home and what you have done is inspiring, plus I love your chickens!)

2. (I can’t get enough of your photos)

3. (everything you make I want to duplicate!)

4. (you know already how much I love your blog and pictures)

5. (you make everything seem so easy)

6. (easily enough, I want a garden like yours)

7. (you inspire me to continue with my practice)

8. (thank you for always giving us something to write about)

9. (I really enjoy your opinions and your writing)

10. (your blog is beautiful and I love reading)

11. (this is Mary, she is young, incredible and so inspiring!)

12. (beautiful handmade art)

13. (help my beauty!)

14. (this is Tymi…my first yoga teacher…and her beautiful blog)

15. (one of my most favorite blogs, these two are living..and truly enjoying life)

And lastly, our nomination for The Liebster Award from Aljaja.

1. The book that changed your life:

When I was a little girl, books in general changed my life. Some of my earliest memories are lying in bed with my Mom and reading her books next to her. I tried so hard to keep up with her fast pace, even though I may have had no idea what half of the book was about. She read Danielle Steel and I was like 7. But, books and reading have always been something that we share. Today we read most anything from James Patterson, Jodi Picoult, Stuart Woods, Janet Evanovich and the list does go on… Adam on the other hand, is not a big reader. He has been working on the Tao of Travel for 2 years now (but that book is best in small doses anyway)

2. Your favourite author/writer:

Answered above. I will add Shel Siverstein and Dr. Seuss to the list.

3. Your pet and its name:

Eunee and Olive. You can read plenty about them on our blog.

4.  The craziest thing you have done:

At first we may have called it crazy (I think everyone else did), but now it has been the best thing that we have done). In 2009, we sold everything, packed up 4 suitcases and moved to South Korea. We then went broke traveling for 5 months across the world. Picked up and moved to Colorado. Sold everything, moved again to Japan and then to Korea once more.

Like I said, at one time we called it crazy, now…we call it our life.

5. Your best friend:

This is hard because I feel that we have friends from different stages of our lives who we still consider “best.”

My best friend – Adam

My best friend – my Mom

My best friend – Nicole P.

My best and longest friend – Jenifer

6. A childhood prank

Im no good at this one and Adam has left to run an errand. I am sure he has way better pranks than I. I will ask him to answer this one later.

When I was 14 (Adam speaking), me and my friends pretended to be a girl online who was flirting with a friend of ours. We arranged a meeting at the local grocery store between the two. And, the four of us went to the grocery store and threw water balloons at our friend who was waiting for the girl.

7. Favorite musician:

I am not a giant music fan, unlike Adam who uses music as a means to most things. So, I will have him answer this one later as well.

Moby – because he is able to transcend so many genre’s of music and create a unique sound, and it makes me want to shake my butt.

8. A place you would love to visit:

9. If you had just 5 minutes left to live what is the one thing you would do?

10. Favorite sport:

Adam loves Baseball and I LOVE watching basketball

11. How do you define love?

I wish you could see how I rolled my eyes at this one. I think it is undefinable. I think it is something with so many different meanings and comes in many different packages. Sometimes it has to do with pure emotion, other times it is the idea of helping the people you care about grow. When you feel it, you know.

Our nominations for The Liebster Award are:

1. (as always your writing cracks me up and reminds me you can eat normally when abroad)

2. (i love keeping up to date on the news in SE Asia)

3. (always amazing ideas!)

4. (everything on this blog sounds incredible)

5. (great pictures, ideas and mind)

6. (thoughtful ideas for all)

7. (love everything on this blog)

8. (great recycle ideas for all)

9. (always a good read)

10. (adorable)

11. (photography)

Finally I am done, I will tell you that this has taken me 2 1/2 hours to complete. 🙂


  1. Thanks for the nomination. Nothing makes a day in the blogging world when someone appreciates your works. And when you come to Australia, just let us know! 🙂 We will be looking forward to that day! 🙂


  2. Aww…you made my day! Thank you so much for the nomination! When I decided to start my blog five months ago, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. But boy, am I glad that I jumped on the bandwagon! I would’ve missed out on being part of this wonderfully loving and supporting community. No, we have never met, but that doesn’t seem to matter. The power of words….incredible.

    And this post put a HUGE smile on my face! You guys are truly adventurers! I would NOT have the guts to just pick up and travel like you guys have. Amazing! There’s a whole world out there…I just travel back and forth from the States to Korea. sigh.
    PB&J food truck would be AWESOME! I (and Kona) could not agree more! Peanut butter goes with anything and everything! I’ve been eating PB&J +egg sandwich every morning, and boy does it hit the spot every time! I’m trying to get Tim to join the fun but hasn’t happened yet…hopefully he’ll come around soon. Until then, I shall keep making it for him muhahah.

    I also love that you want to go back to school to study nutrition! At first, I contemplated A LOT! Do I really want to leave my job to become a student again? But you know, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made! I want to work with and help children and lower income families. There’s an extremely high correlation between low income status and obesity. It’s really sad bc these food stamps are actually encouraging poor dietary habits. You’re absolutely right! Eating properly and nourishing the body with nutrient-dense foods can be done easily, even when on a budget! I think you should totally do it! 😉

    Ok, this comment is getting a bit long, eh? I have a lot more to say, but I shall stop here.

    Before I go, WELCOME back to the States!!!


    • Min! You are so super sweet! Where are you studying? It seems not many schools offer a RD program so I was thinking of just earning some certifications through the AFPA and using it with my education background at community centers etc.

      I have to admit PB&J with egg? I will have Adam try it today and let you know what he thinks 🙂

      I hope you have a great day and it’s really great to “speak” with you!!


      • It’s really good! I promise..but then again, I’ve been known to have an “interesting” palate at times ;). You’ll have to let me know what Adam thought of it. And no, I won’t be offended hehe.

        I’m actually studying at Texas State University. It’s about an hour away from where we live so I have quite a horrendous commute, but I’m used to it now. Isn’t that kinda sad? I was debating between UTexas or Texas State but I chose the latter bc of it’s primary emphasis on community and pediatric nutrition. Perfect for me! So far it’s been great! As I had no nutrition background (I have a BS in psychology) it took me about a year and a half just to finish all the prerequisites. A great website you should check out is Look under “students” and search for accredited programs in your area..There are also distance programs as well. It’s really important that you have a degree from accredited programs if you want to practice as a registered dietitian which is very different from nutritionist. Let me know if you have any questions! I’d be more than happy to help you!


      • Thanks for the info. I have checked out that site and there is no campus nearby that offeres any of that. I will look under distance programs. I am pretty sure the only school I found was in New Jersey that offered a distance program.
        Ill keep you posted.


  3. Thank you guys again so much for this honor! I’m kind of geeky excited right now because you have given me my first blogger award! *blush!* I can’t wait to pass along the love to some other amazing and deserving bloggers!


    • You totally deserve it. I can’t wait until we find and move into our own place so I can use some of the awesome ideas and color combo’s I have seen on your site!


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