Joining the Job Hunt with the Unemployed in Florida

According to the Department of Numbers, In August, Florida had 817,637 unemployed persons.

Adam and I are now joining this huge number, which is actually down more than 157,000 since last year.(thank goodness we weren’t searching in 2011)

Here is the thing, hunting for a job is hard work. It is also busy work.

Adam and I:

  • both have great resume’s, my Dad is a professional resume writer.
  • college degrees (Adam has a BS, I have a BS and M.Ed)
  • have over 10 years professional work experience
  • both very adaptable, capable, personable and creative
  • both open to new things, love learning and new challenges
  • we are both attractive people, which must add something to our marketability

and the best part, we are really open to starting entry level in a position.

Our day consists of this:

I wake up and walk Eunee

I have coffee

I check facebook and the blog

Adam wakes up and has his coffee

Adam makes breakfast (he loves doing it)

I take the computer outside to the patio and begin my search (Adam begins his search on his cell phone and then moves on to his computer)

We search,,,,,,, 

We apply and apply and wait. We are not prejudice in anyway and apply to business professional jobs and $8 an hour cashier jobs. Yet, neither the phone has rung nor have we received any emails asking for more details, or telling us no (which is a good thing, right?)

It seems that there are a TON of jobs out there. Many are geared to specific skills in finance, healthcare and technology driven industries which neither of us have. I would hope that possibly the time and effort we put into applying may show we are open to learning new things and that we are aggressive in a good way.

I know that if I don’t get an interview sometime in the next few weeks, my belly is definitely going to start showing to the point of…I can’t hide it and no I am not fat, it’s a baby… and any chance of an in person, fair interview will be significantly diminished.

The part that we keep discussing is, “What do you want to do?” It is really hard at this point for either of us to honestly answer this question.

  • Owning or running and B&B would be awesome. We feel through all of our experience traveling that we know how people want to be treated and what makes for a nice stay.
  • We would love to open a food truck business with gourmet PB&J’s and smoothies.
  • Still one day I want to open a shop where we buy goods from SE Asia, sell them and use the money to give back to the orphanages of those countries.

But all of those take capital and start up money, which at this point, is just not possible and would require a bit more due diligence on our part to make those connections a reality.

We have now been aggressively searching and applying for 2 1/2 weeks which may not seem like a long time for some. Adam and I like to consider ourselves “go getter’s.” We actively seek results when we want something done. So, 2 1/2 weeks without one phone call is extremely hard for us to accept.

I do have faith in us and I know that this will all get worked out. We can’t continue on with what is next until the job situation and income gets taken care of.

Thank goodness we have an amazing family who has opened their homes to us, and lent us a car. We are able to hop amongst everyone’s guest bedrooms (Eunee too).

We have limited control of the outcome and what will happen on the job front. But, I have to believe that we are more flexible than most and in the end, that can only help us.

If you happen to be an employer or an investor and you have fallen in love with our ideas, here are our resumes.

Adam- resume, linkedin.

Nicole- resume, linkedin.


  1. What a great article! The job search is very tough, and in some states versus others, it’s even more difficult. We’re always here to help you get the most of your job search on Career Builder. You can reach us via email: or on Twitter @CBHelp. We also have a YouTube channel that has a lot of search tips:, as well as our blog: that can also offer some additional assistance. Good luck to you in your search!


  2. Best of luck to both of you!
    My daughter is a junior at UCF in the school of social work. She too was laid off (about 6mos ago,) which figured prominently in her decision to go back to school full time (as opposed to working full time and working toward her degree part time at night here at Indian River State College. It has been tough on her, not working, so I feel for you guys!
    You seem to have the right attitude, so I have no doubt things will all fall into place!
    ps just noticed your pics of Vietnam…..synchronicity! my daughter and her fiance spent a year traveling through Asia and loved Vietnam the most!


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