A little magic and love

I swear it isn’t the hormones, but who knows. Yesterday was just a crap day. We all have them. I argued with everyone, was super opinionated and just couldn’t get my day together.

At about 4pm, I received a text from my Mom saying a package had arrived. (She sent a text because she was sick of hearing me whine I think)

We showed up at her house about an hour later and there was a box waiting from my friend Jenifer in California. I have written about Jen before. We grew up together, from about the age of 6 through middle school. We were like sisters. 3/4 of the time we were getting along, spending every other night at each others house and well 1/4 of the time bikering. After middle school we didn’t see each other much as we lived across town and went to different schools. Then came college and life and before we knew it, we saw each other maybe once a year. (The internet wasn’t so big then…can you believe it…nor were cells…I may have had a beeper).

Life happened and we always caught up, but it wasn’t very frequent. Adam and I visited Jen in California in January and it was like we had never parted ways or gone a second without seeing each other. Her little baby girl, Harper, stole my heart and her fiance Josh was great. We all got along so easily and one day I hope we can be neighbors and our babies can grow up together.

back to the package:

Jen had sent me a care package of lovelies. Before I got 1 sentence into the card, I burst out crying.  I couldn’t stop. It was my first pregnancy meltdown…even though I swear it wasn’t the hormones.  It wasn’t even super sentimental.

Mommy Pickles! Oh man am I excited for you guys!

That’s all it took.

After Adam threatening to video record me crying and everyone laughing at me (Mom and Dad) I got my crap together and made it through the card.

Jen mailed me three things.

The first, a bathrobe. She said it is the same bathrobe she wore all during pregnancy and after birth of her beautiful Harper. I called her and explained that I barely fit into any of my clothes, refuse to buy any maternity anything until I have a job, and that all I said to both Adam and my mother-in-law, was that I wanted a robe where I got just let it all go.

This is the warmest, most comfy thing I have ever worn. It is from Anthropologie and is called the Sherpa Robe. I slept in it last night, wore it after my shower and guess what, I am in it right now as I type. LOVE

Jen also included Egyptian Magic which she said I can find at Whole Foods when I run out. It is meant for stretch marks, she said she has absolutely zero. It is almost like a wax that you rub in your hands until it becomes a liquid, then you rub it on your skin. So, I have begun my daily treatments.

She also sent me a lovely bath fizz that I am going to save until the night we move into our new place and I can relax knowing we have settled in our home.

After I got over all my tears, like I said, I grabbed my Mom’s phone, took a seat on the patio and called Jen. After crying through my thank you, we gabbed forever (until I got hungry). We talked about our birthing center and she was telling me about her midwife and experience (both of ours have similar looks). We talked about the babies, our men, our families, and a roasted tomato recipe.

Jen’s beautiful Harper Lou

I love her and so can’t wait to see her. We may have to wait until next summer, flights to San Francisco aren’t really in the budget. But, I can’t wait to give this girlie a hug and for our babies to meet for the first time.

Tzers, you mean the world to me.

Love, Pickles

Jen and I, January 2011



  1. Talk about an emotional daughter!!! Both her mom and I held onto it for a few moments, remembered our dear Jenifer and those great years. Nicole looked great in it. I saw Adam get emotional too (not to leave Adam out of this comment). Marla and I are so very lucky that she has Adam and friends like Jen…..


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