Travel Theme: Couples

This week’s travel theme by Where’s my Backpack is couples. Of course I thought about posting a good 100 pictures of Adam and I…but I figured that may get old fast. So, here are a few others I thought I would share. You can see our other Travel Theme entries here.

The first picture is of the most adorable little skeleton candle holders my Mom got us from Yankee Candle. It is part of their annual Boney Bunch collection. Our photographer, Shannon Nicole Smith took the photos.

The second photo is of the cutest little lovers. They were sitting on the side of suburbia near downtown Denver. They made me smile. I loved them instantly. I wanted all of my mail to go through their positive vibes (especially bills)

Somewhere on the streets in Denver

The next photo is of my Grandparents. We bought them an anniversary session through our wedding photographer. She really captured all of their love.

My Grandparents

The last photo is for a good laugh. For our engagement session, Shannon took some photos of us, obviously. One that she took was of us with our Korean “Couples” sweaters on. This is a very popular thing in Korea. Couples wear coordinating colors, outfits, shoes etc. when they go out. For us it was bizarre, but in a way it is kind of cute. Adam’s friend Guy, photoshopped the picture to make it more our style.

The original
Guy’s Adaptation



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