48 = instant fun

Yesterday my nephews and I decided to make cupcakes. Brayden, the youngest turned 5 today, so we wanted to make them for his class. Of course I couldn’t leave Bryce out, so he made them for his class too.

We took a trip to the store and each one picked out which batter and frosting they wanted to use.

Step by step, they made them themselves…with many breaks to wash hands when the finger licking ensued.

They measured and poured and stirred and mixed. They scooped the batter and put it into the pans. Then, they each iced their cupcakes. Brayden got tired after the first few, but still had the energy to coat them in sprinkles.

I love being an Aunt, we get to have all the fun with the kiddo’s without an ounce of worry to the sugar high that may be around come bed time.

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