So much baby stuff

When we found out we were expecting, we really were determined to keep all the “baby stuff” to a minimum. We still feel that way. But, the more time I spend adding to our online registries, the more caught up I get. I haven’t added really anything but the essentials, because a lot of it I feel we won’t need or I don’t know how to choose.

But as the weeks go on, I can’t wait for us to move into our own place and are able to liven up our new baby space, the nursery.

Week 13 has come and gone and we are now into our 2nd trimester. It is crazy and unreal how fast time has gone by.

Pinterest has really given me some cute ideas on what I can’t wait to do with the room. Here is my nursery board of ideas I love. But, because we will be renting, painting is out of the question, so we have to do our best to decorate in other ways to make the room inviting.

Currently, this is the one thing we do already have for Lil E (the crib). This is the crib we bought for my nephew and we intend to “hand me down” and use it for our little one. I love the color and that it will add some brightness to the baby’s room.

We still have to pick out a mattress and sheets, which I did find a bunch (of sheets) that I registered for at Target. Since we don’t know the sex yet, it is easy to pick some fun colors that would go either way.

My favorite idea is one I found from Diary of a Blonde. I absolutely love love love the changing table in the closet with the clothes bars running sideways instead of longways.

The color of the walls in this nursery have my heart. Maybe I can ask, when the time comes if we can paint. I do think this color is definitely more of a baby girl color, so it may change depending what we find out in a few weeks.

As for strollers, Adam and I watched many videos and read reviews of so many different ones. We really like the JJ Cole one and have added it to our registry.

We have also decided to go the cloth diaper route and have registered for gdiapers. They have a much larger selection of colors and patterns directly from their site.

If you want to take a look at all the other silly yet so cute baby stuff we’ve registered for:



Here is my question to all you mothers, what is the one or two baby items that you couldn’t live without?


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