November Health/Fitness Blogger Challenge, Day 1

Everyday I read Lisa’s blog at She’s Losing It. She is a 30 something, Mom of two who decided to go for it, hire a trainer, and enter a bodybuilding competition. She has lost 50 lbs and has gone from a 14 to a 1. She is an inspiration and such a fun reader…her posts are very real and we can all relate to them.

This month, she is hosting a fitness challenge by motivating her followers to blog each day. She has given us topics as a way to kick off a health conscious month. You can find our more about the challenge here.

November 1st… What are your goals for November?

1. Exercise 5 times a week (even if my prego self doesn’t feel like it). I have already done mine for today so I feel good about accomplishing it on day 1.

2. Not give into too many unhealthy cravings (not a big deal since I haven’t really been doing that, except for that need for red meat!…I must cut back).

3. Use my juicer

4. Be nicer to my friends and family (I haven’t been too super social since we moved back to the states…I must cut that out)

5. Love my baby belly. (there is a growing person in there, it is supposed to get bigger).

6. Get a job and move out of my brothers house.


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