November Health/Fitness Blogger Challenge, Day 4

November 4th…Please share your favorite clean eating breakfast recipe.

I have to be honest, Adam is the breakfast person. He does the cooking in the morning. It is his favorite part of the day I think. Now, being Pregnant, I have been making my own 1st breakfast before he makes our 2nd one when he gets up.

I usually wake up a good 2 hours before he does, so I make the coffee. Yes, being pregnant, I do have 1 cup of coffee each morning. My midwife said it was okay. And, the caffeine helps with my digestive system (TMI) and in all reality, it has been much better for me to have some then not…going 10 days with no (you know) is not so good.

Then, I have either Honey Greek Goddess yogurt with some banana and raisins OR 6 wheat crackers with 1 laughing cow cheese. (i’m not sure how “eating clean” this is).

When Adam awakes, and gets settled into the kitchen, we have boiled sweet potatoes and I have 1 egg and a piece of toast with peanut butter. Sometimes, Ad saute’s in some other veggies with the sweet potatoes. Sometimes I top everything with some salsa. Sometimes I have some yummy Florida Avocado.

Our juicer just arrived in the mail from Korea and as soon as we get settled in our own home, we will set it up and add some of that into my daily, maybe 3rd breakfast!

If you are curious as to what the November Health/Fitness Blogger Challenge is, check out Lisa’s challenge from She’s Losing It.

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  1. Your description of breakfast is full of the “wow” factor. I consider myself lucky in that I just mastered scrambled eggs (much to your mother’s delight). So very proud of you and Adam…in so many ways.


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