A blast from the past

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I was looking through the blog and realized that our very cool wedding invites never made it on the site.

Adam and I created these and then my friend Nicole put them together.

From Korea, I shipped her about 150 photographs, enough stamps to mail the whole darn thing.

She hole punched (with the help of her hubby’s power drill), and bradded these babies together like a book. Then, wrapped them in brown paper bag type paper wrapped with twine so they looked like little packages.

She used mismatched stamps and put them all over the upper right of the packages.

I have to admit two things.

1. they were the coolest invites ever

2. I don’t have a photo of the completed package. I was so excited to get mine that I ripped it open and didn’t even think to take photos. (she sent me a picture, so here is a completed very awesome DIY invite.

Here are some more photos of our DIY personal touches from our most fabulous day!

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