November Health/Fitness Blogger Challenge, Day 6

November 6th… How do you overcome setbacks?.

Honestly, I give up… at first. I talk negative, I get annoyed, I whine, I bitch…then, I get over it, try again or move on.

Nuff Said.

Adam thinks this is the funniest. We have about 1000 pictures in our albums (online and private that I refuse to share, except for this one) with me and my “puss” face on. Usually this occurs when I am tired, bothered and really just in “give up” mode.

Adam snaps a few pictures, makes me laugh and I get over it. In addition to photo snapping, he likes to straighten out the new wrinkles that have formed about my eyebrows and take his finger and bounce my bottom lip (similar to that funny motorboat thing you do when you are a kid)

Alright, so that was quite the insight into my Debbie Downer times…

But, on a positive note, I don’t think they happen so often anymore. A few years ago when my mind was in a different place, it happened much more often.


If you are curious as to what the November Health/Fitness Blogger Challenge is, check out Lisa’s challenge from She’s Losing It.

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