November Health/Fitness Blogger Challenge, Day 8

November 8th… Do you prefer exercising alone or in a class?

I do not like working out in classes because I tend to spend too much time looking at everyone else.

With that being said, I work out better and harder in classes.

I miss body pump. It  is a great workout that I used to do at the gym. I miss my yoga class. The energy in the yoga studio is what drives a good practice, in my opinion.

I can’t wait until we are working and can spend the money on the incredibly overpriced gym/ yoga studio monthly fees.

Kristen Schneider at Yoga in the Park, Lake Eola

On a whole nether rant totally off topic, someone please explain to me why yoga studios are so expensive. My friend Tiffany, an incredible woman and yoga practitioner wrote about just this and why she is not a “certified teacher.” 

On the right is Kristen. She is a teacher at my Yoga studio in Lake Mary. I haven’t been there since we moved back to the states. Right now, without either of us working…dropping $125 on classes a month just doesn’t fit in our budget. But, Kristen is incredible! Not only is she like gumby, but she teaches an amazing class.

Hopefully in the next few months, before I get too larges as the Prego woman I can find my way back into a gym and some classes instead of willing myself to do my videos at home. I know Adam too can’t wait to get his workout in at a gym instead of the park next to the house.

If you are curious as to what the November Health/Fitness Blogger Challenge is, check out Lisa’s challenge from She’s Losing It.

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  1. I agree because I’m paying 120/month for my martial arts school , but that includes kungfu , tai chi , and meditation ; that is why I take yoga classes once in a blue moon !


  2. There are some really good Pilates-Pregnancy videos out there you might like. It’s tough when money is tight, but you probably know a lot of the yoga moves by heart. Maybe you can do them in the park with a friend?


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