Day #9 – sports

November 9thYour favorite football/fall sports story?

I have to go veto on this one. I have to admit, I really am not a huge sports fan. I mean, I love to sit in the stands and cheer for a team. I would say my sports rankings in order of fun to watch and what I know the most about would be

  1. basketball
  2. football
  3. baseball

I have never been an athlete although my build may have put me in a possibility of being something athletic.

Adam is the complete opposite. Even with months of not practicing, you can put him out on a field and he will play like a pro. He is also the fastest runner I have ever seen. His sport of choice is baseball. He played all through his childhood and then on intermurals in college. In Korea he played once or twice, but being a foreigner it was hard to get anyone to allow him to play with them.

Adam runs circles around me when we hike and can jump higher than my head without even trying. He is a pretty incredible athlete. I hope our baby takes after him.

So, although this doesn’t even touch on a “story” it does have to do with sports.

If you are curious as to what the November Health/Fitness Blogger Challenge is, check out Lisa’s challenge from She’s Losing It.


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