I am an Immigrant, and a canine

6 months ago, my life began in Busan, South Korea. I was adopted from the pet store by two weird looking foreigners who spoke an even weirder language! They took me home and spoiled me. I was even allowed to sleep in their bed instead of a cage. They named me Eunee, 운이, which means Lucky.

After a few months, they decided to move to the US. It was an awesome opportunity for me, even though I was scared. I had to get a ton of shots and stay in a cage for hours and hours under the seat of this huge moving thing that flew through the air.

When I got to America, I never realized just how amazing grass was.

I got to go to a dog park.(the dog on the left is my alter-ego), but I got daring enough to say hi to some of the dogs.

I celebrated Halloween with all the kiddos dressed as Superman! Everyone thought I was the cutest and gave me so many treats.

Mommy baked with Grandma Maryanne and I had to attack the flour. It was this soft powdery stuff that got all over the kitchen floor, but it really had no flavor.

I LOVE the car!!! As soon as we get in, I climb up Dad’s shoulder and sleep behind his neck. That way I stay warm and can see everything out the window.

I even have a ton of Aunt’s and Uncle’s, everyone is bigger then me. BUT, I love to play with them. They are all really patient with me. Sometimes I wish they would play more and I really have to get their attention and bark forever for them to play with me.

My cousins play with me everyday! They walk me and give me treats and tell me I am a good dog when I go potty outside. They are the best!

Anyway, I have a ton more to share about my awesome time here in America. I can’t believe all that has happened in 6 weeks! I hope everyone who moves to America gets to have as much fun as me.

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