Needelss to say, the latest Bond film that debuted in the states on 11/9 was met with great anticipation as it was a good 4 years since the previous film. For Nicole and I who have been quite devout fans since 2008 when we pulled off the 22 movie marathon over a few weeks, this was very exciting times.

The latest Bond films have been a welcome departure in my opinion from the the clean cut, skinny cig toting Bonds of old. Daniel Craig‘s depiction has taken us back to the teeth cutting days of the MI6 agent.

While this latest film has James getting his share of bumps and bruises, it also strikes some very important notes that many Bond fans will no doubt appreciate. Without giving to much away, you will enjoy the return of a very old 3,995cc beauty and the introduction of a very young gadget whiz with the name of a single letter 😉

There are of course big explosions, beautiful cities across 4 countries and women that cannot resist Bond’s PP7. There are also the classic henchmen that meet their gruesome demise as James straightens his cuff  and continues to work. What this movie does include that is unique however, is its back story focus on Bonds past. Never before has this been included to this extent and I can only expect that its deliberate inclusion is a setup for the 2 following films that Craig has signed on for.

If you are going to see this film (which you should), you should at least catch up on the previous 2 Daniel Craig titles just to give you a better idea of where these stories are taking place in Bonds career and not the time periods.

Overall, go see it, and if nothing else, the Adele opener music montage scene is killer.




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