Such a wonderful life, taken too soon


This week is the beginning of the holiday season and it is so easy to get caught up and stressed with the “giving” that we do, the cleaning we slave over and the time that we have to manage so carefully.

It is so important that we sit back and enjoy the moments that we have with everyone around us. Lately, Adam and I have had a lot of time to “think” and spend trying to figure it all out. We are not any closer to figuring it out than we were two months ago, but we have each other, the baby, Eunee, our family and our health.

 Last night, I received some really upsetting news. Although we only lived in Denver for 11 months, I was fortunate enough to work at The Cheesecake Factory with a great guy named Howie. He was a smiling red head with an amazing personality and only 26 years old. He had a fun little twang in his speech and his energy was contagious. He had a sweet young son and always showed us pictures of him on his phone… very proud Papa.

One of our other coworkers, one of his roommates and also an amazing guy, found Howie late Saturday night stabbed to death outside their home. This is something you read about but never even think for a moment of it happening to anyone you know…because it seems so unreal.

Police are still investigating and have no idea why it happened although I believe they have arrested a suspect. The news said years ago the house they were living in was a “chop shop.” Although my sweet CCakers didn’t live there then, maybe this was related to the people who used to live there. I have absolutely no idea.

I do know that this is extremely tragic and sad that someone so wonderful could be taken so brutally and so before he was able to live a long life and watch his son grow up.

I am so sad for all of his family and friends and all of my old coworkers. The restaurant business is a long and fun one. It allows you the chance to form amazing friendships and spend so much time with the people you work with. Pretty much the entire restaurant is one big family and I can only imagine how many heavy hearts are in Denver right now.

To all of you in Denver, please know that I am thinking of you, even from afar and Howie, I am so glad I was able to spend time getting to know you. You are such a kind soul and I thank you for being a part of my life.

For everyone else, please remember what this time of year is truly about. And although things may seem tough, life may be a bit rough and money may be a bit tight, the sun will rise again and tomorrow is a new day for life and living.


This is the latest article from The Denver Post on the investigation.



  1. Nicole, I felt sadness in my heart reading this blog. Your well written and vivid introduction of Howie, made me feel like I also knew him. So very sorry for the tragedy and the loss. We add our prayers and condolences for his family and friends. To you, my sweet niece, I send a special hug. So much wisdom for one so young!
    Everyday is a gift we often forget to cherish. Thank you for reminding us.
    Our love to you, Adam, Baby and Eunee.


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