Travel Theme: Liquid

Dieppe, France

This weeks travel theme from Where’s My Backpack is liquid. The only thing I can think of is water. Maybe because of my preggo brain and a constant need for water…not so sure. But, I know daily for the last few months I must be consuming at least 2 gallons of water a day. I can never seem to quench my thirst.

Anyway, I know wine is a liquid too, but since that is out of my realm right now, I will stick to water. The photo above is from Dieppe, France which is really one of the most beautiful cities in France (in my opinion). It is in the Northwest part of the country, referred to as Normandy. You can read more about our trip to Dieppe, here.

Splash, our beautiful Betta Fish in Denver

Splash was a very cool fish. We got him from PetSmart when we lived in Denver. We think he was a Halfmoon Betta. He had the most beautiful colors and was extended in attack mode most often…it was probably because Adam was always taking his picture… he wanted to look beautiful.  (He lived in water…liquid)

Fountain in Salzburg, Austria

I love this photo. Adam took it when we were in Salzburg. The water is frozen in time and you can feel this man’s weight and life through the picture.

Fall in Vienna

My favorite part of this photo is the reflection of the tree in the water. We just happened to be in Vienna at the perfect time. It was fall and the colors were so impressive. It made the aura of the city that much more special and sophisticated feeling. The buildings are mostly start white and against the fall sky and colors…mmm it screamed culture.

Lastly is our sweet Olive, on a beautiful day in Denver, she gallantly jumped into a water fountain (with Adam’s encouragement). Such a queen!






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