a great man in the making…..


Well hello there…..its been a while! Yes, we both know we could have tried harder but I think the full brunt of the blame rests squarely on my shoulders on this one. Blogging is kinda like cooking for me. If i’m in a rush….or not really inspired to eat a particular thing, I make a tuna sandwich. A boring tuna sandwich with little mayo and two slices of bread… but it does the job and off I go. Imagine reading a boring tuna sandwich type blog from me……no fluff, no fun, no raisins. It sucks, and its dry as all hell. What I’m saying is that I love to write when I’m excited by something (or someone) and what I have here in my mind right now is a killer tuna sandwich with every ounce of glorious add ons you could possibly imagine (I will forego listing mine as they are considered gross in some circles but you get the idea).

Following? No…ok, forget the tuna…think bigger….like finding out the sex of the miracle growing in your wife’s belly kinda big. I’ll admit, this sorta news was one I had been postponing even in my mind up until D-day for the simple fact that either way, it was going to be a surprise and I wanted to feel the full force of the news as if I just won the lottery. And guess what?…I did win. It’s a boy 😉 Now, this doesn’t mean a boy is what I was pushing for..I was certainly ready to scare the ever living crud outta the boys miserably failing to win the heart of our future daughter…I honestly just wanted him/her to be healthy….and thats just what he is. :)!

Going into the ultrasound room at the Florida Imaging offices in Lake Mary, FL, Nicole and I knew that this was going to be special. Our tech was uber nice which put us at ease which was especially great given the fact that immediately after entering the room, Nicoles waterworks erupted. She’s got a whole slew of hormones doing nutty things right now so this was not a strange occurrence judging by the techs response. In that room, we were both crossing a metaphorical threshold that began with us as prospective parents and ended as full blown mommy’s and daddy’s. We suddenly felt the angst that I can only imagine every parent feels about their children in every moment….we want them safe.

Our tech started with all the basics and took measurements before getting to the “important parts”. Our little one was pretty chill….so much so that we actually caught him sucking his thumb which was fairly impressive given that he can’t see in there and has no idea what a hand looks like. Not having a clue what I was looking at for lot of the time I saw our tech pause on a particular area and start to type……BOYYYYY!!!!!!! I immediately yelled, “It’s a boy?!”….”yup….those are his boy parts,” she calmly stated. I think at that particular moment Nicole and I knew that this was perfect.

Knowing that we were going to raise a little man gave me an instant rush of imagination and suddenly color pallets were replaced with images of myself as a kid and how they might align with our son. Thoughts of the person he will become have been hard to get out of our minds as we talk about the future. All we know is that on my 33rd birthday (Dec 3rd, 2012) we got some pretty unbelievably amazing news that I will be reminded of on every birthday as I continue on this amazing journey with our great lil man.

Thanks for reading, we should do this again….


As a little added note, Adam wrote this after I went to bed, and as I sit here and read it now, the water works are working in full swing and I am given another amazing reminder of the incredible husband I have and tons of images of what our family of 3 is becoming. -Nicole


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