A Poem (sorta): 2012 highlighted

2012 started on a high note…well, 5,280 feet to be exact.

But after a short 10 month stay in Denver, our bags were once again packed.


Our life abroad as expats wasn’t quite done…

So, with passport pages ready, we headed east, towards the “Rising Sun.”

We lived in a box and worked for a fox in our brief love affair with Japan’s neon city.

Two months in Tokyo left our bellies empty and blog entries quite bitchy.


Our answer awaited with an old friend across the East Sea…

Who? you ask…but of course…tis the land of kimchi.


For three months…I worked in Gwangju, Nicole in Busan.

At the risk of sounding perverse…our weekends together were…well…”game on:)”


Crazed and deranged, her appearance may be.

In July, we fell lucky in love with a Korean pup named Eunee.

A month later, a little test predicted some life changing events.

In April 2013…it’s true…we will be new parents!


Our life’s GPS is usually locked on “roam”

But this unbelievable news had us re-routing to home.


The love and support of our family is what we needed most…and what we knew was best.

The roar of the jet engines thundered…as we headed to Florida, due West.


In the warm embrace of the sun, family and friends…

We continue to peer over the horizon as this fantastic year ends.

2013 will bring new life and new adventures to our family and so many more.

The fun part will be the amazing unexpected moments that we all have in store.


Love one another and make this a time to challenge yourself to be better.

Our New Year and future is full of hope, when we do it together.

To a most excellent 2013!


    • Thank you, us too. We were just discussing last night how we truly have a blank slate…. Who knows how we will play this one out (we have many ideas and will soon work on putting something into action) Happy New Year!


  1. Indeed 2012 is a great year for both of you, and 2013 will definitely an even better year not just for both of you, but to your little angel coming in April. Wishing you all the best from down under!!! 🙂 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


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