6 months down

24 weeks


How far along: 24 weeks

Total weight gain: gained 17 lbs total (this month was huge!!! I blame the holidays and too much yummy food)

Cravings: nothing much, still loving watermelon and can’t seem to quench my thirst.

Growth: Most all of my weight gain has been in my belly. Gavin is sitting very low and I feel him mostly just above my hip line. My chest is out of control and actually causes Adam and I to laugh quite a bit at the size of these mammoth babies (and I won’t even compare the size of my nipples because well, my father and grandmother read the blog). Everyone keeps saying, just wait until your milk comes in and then…I can’t even imagine.

Sleep: I am sleeping too much… a good 9  hours a night. But, I guess I should just love the idea that I have the opportunity now to sleep.

Best moment of this month: All of Adam’s family met Gavin this month (in my belly). When his little sister Kata, who is 7, told me about how she is going to be the littlest Aunt and asked all sorts of questions about what Gavin can hear and see…it melted my heart. She felt him move, listened to his heart and told us how much she can’t wait to meet him. There was something so sincere, innocent and full of pride that came from her voice…call it hormones or whatever, but I am tearing up writing about it.

Movement: So much. I love it. It truly is the neatest thing to feel him flip and turn, punch and kick..or whatever he is doing. I think it is even more entertaining to watch my tummy jiggle and wave as he moves around.

Food cravings: not really. I still really don’t want any sugar and love watermelon.

Name: We have decided. We kept it a secret for awhile until we said it over and over and loved it. Gavin James Damiano. Gavin is a super cool name, athletic, suave, poetic and totally ambitious. James…James Bond of course. Kidding, kind of. Adam and I are huge Bond fans, Gavin will blossom among the ranks of Sean, Roger, Pierce and of course hottie Daniel. Also, Adam is Adam Jeffrey, his Dad is Jeffrey J…so it is only fitting at Gavin become a J as well.

Belly button in or out: In…but I feel that it is so close to popping already

Wedding rings on or off: on, but I did go 2 days last week with them off and it felt really strange

Newest Surprise:  For Christmas I received a most beautiful Pandora bracelet with a little boy baby bootie on it from my inlaws. I love it and can’t seem to take it off. Every time I look at my wrist it gives me a little smirk and makes me feel so special that I am crossing into the secret very cool motherhood circle.

Looking forward to: setting up the little mans room.



  1. It is so funny that you mentioned how you haven’t had any food cravings during your pregnancy so far. A lot of women I know experienced the same feeling and never wanted any of those ridiculous concoctions that are usually mentioned on television shows or movies. Although, I suspect that could change later on in your pregnancy.


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