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I remember a few things from way back when. Like when I first had waffles, learned to ride a bike….and my first day of preschool when I wore a bow tie. Of course I wore a bow tie.  I also have another memory, but not as much in the visual sense. I remember the feelings I first had when I learned how to run. It was the first time that I felt like my entire body was working together with all its power to move me faster than my mind could sometimes keep up with! It was as if the power steering died in a Maserati while doing a buck twenty down a dirt road full of trees…..omg…I loved it. Usually avoiding the trees was nice but what really made it fun was that when I would get to speed, the world would become very silent and calm. It made running almost surreal and pretty relaxing.

Lately, I’ve dropped the weights and taken to the streets as a sort of my own personal physical/mental therapy session. I get the benefits of getting in a good cardio run while easing my nerves and sorting out my thoughts all at the same time. About 4 times a week I’ll take a modest run of 2-3 miles and instantly feel more positive and focused about the world around me. While my gym workouts worked for me in a similar way, the intensity and total body stimulation of running has certainly kicked it up a notch.


To keep that notch kicking, I added some tech to my runs that helps me track my progress and keeps me honest in my pursuit to push a lil bit harder each time out. The free  “mapmyrun” app tracks me via GPS while recording my route, speed, calories burned, distance and pace per mile. I have the option to share via social media an challenge others to beat my time and distance via messaging. Just to make things even more fun the mapmyrun.com site offers you a broader snapshot of your progress along with challenges that you can take part in within a community of runners. Add that to my eclectic playlist and i’m off. Speaking of which….just for kicks i’ll share some of the current tracks that keep me movin!

Zedd- Spectrum

Oceanlab – On A Good Day

Havana Brown feat. Pitbull – We Run The Night (Swiss Official POP Remix)

Sunlounger – Another Day on the Terrace (Intro Club Mix)

Markus Schulz – Rain (Official Music Video)

Help keep me goin by telling me what moves you!

Thanks for readin,




  1. I’ll have to check if this app is on the Android market. I use an app called Charity Miles. It tracks your progress and rewards you money for every mile you run/walk/bike. The money you earn doesn’t go to you however, instead it is sent to a charity that you choose before each run/walk/bike such as Autism Speaks, Feeding America, Nature Conservancy, Wold Food Programme, etc. It’s kinda nice and actually motivates you to walk/run/bike further. The problem is that it doesn’t tell you how many calories you burned or anything like that. It does let you download a map of your route for use with Google Earth, but I never use that feature. I’ll try MapMyRun, but I think I’ll go back to Charity Miles just because I don’t really care how many calories I burn. Sorry man!


    • Took some time to check out that Charity Miles….what a great concept….I’ll swap out some calorie counter to donate some sweat to a good cause anyday!! Thanks for sharing and happy new year buddy!


  2. Hi there,
    I’m glad you did a post about running, which is the only form of exercise I can swear by to be a full body workout. By the way, just thought I should mention to you the Color Run, which is a fun way of keeping fit by joining a couple hundred color-soaked runners in your city for a day of goofy fun and fitness. Google it, and check out their dates for this year.


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