Oreo Challenge

A few days before Christmas, I entered Lauren’s Oreo contest on LaurensLatest.com She has one of the best cooking blogs out there and is currently pregnant and due at about the same time as us…with a boy as well.

I was selected along with 5 other readers from her  blog to continue on in the contest.

This past Saturday, I was overnighted an Oreo cooking kit with some very cute bowls, a star shaped cookie cutter, icing dye, a truffle dipper, (which I thought was an egg separator), an adorable snowman placemat, gift tag labels and 2 packages of oreos along with a recipe book.

photo from LaurensLatest.com

My mission was to recreate one of the recipes and submit a picture to her within 24 hours for voting from her readers. The winner of the votes gets a visa gift card. I do hope it is me…so my wonderful readers, if you could please make your way over to her site here and leave a comment voting for the Oreo Milkshake #3…my entry…I would very much appreciate it.

I made an oreo milkshake with Espresso Chip ice cream, topped with crumbled oreos.



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