Stylish, Affordable Maternity Wear

Being pregnant and shopping for affordable cute clothing truly is a pain in the butt. Other than Target, Motherhood Maternity and Gap’ sale racks, it is hard to find fun clothes.

image1xlI am hitting that point where I almost have to start wearing maternity tops, my others are being stretched just a bit too much.

I have a family wedding to attend next month where I will be 31 weeks along and needed to find something fun. A few months back, I stumbled upon through Pinterest. They are based out of the UK and I thought kind of pricy. Then, after another look the other night, they were having a major sale! I bought the cutest dress for $23.00!!!


If you are pregnant (or not, they have regular clothes too), I highly recommend you checking them out!


  1. SO CUTE!!! Have you tried Old Navy’s Maternity? It’s not going to last forever but it sure will get you through your pregnancy and its really cheap! If you have a store near by they always have tons of clearance because they don’t sell as much through the store as they do online. It’s definitely worth a look! Oh and their nursing camis are the best! I lived in those the first year after Emma Grace was born and I still rock them quite often because they are long and comfy!


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