cot-tage noun \ˈkä-tij\ a usually small house for vacation use



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Dreaming of “that” home is a daily deal for me these days. I have begun to fall in love with the cottage style…and the idea of living a little off the grid of a city in an adorable bungalow along a nice path, possibly by a lake or the ocean (one can dream, right?) PS. I don’t want my cottage for vacation use, I want it for an everyday getaway.

The comfy look, the lightness of the and the noise I can hear echoing through the walls as the kids play..sounds poetic and like a perfect place to have a family.

Here are some realty sites for cottages and bungalows.

Cottage Neighborhood

Historic Properties

The Cottage Company

Lake Place

ISz6q1sjtqqjdvWhen I was 23, I bought a bungalow, fixed it up and loved it for a few years. I opted to sell (which looking back may not have been the best move. But, it was my introduction to old homes. It was this ugly peach color with a screened in porch. I invested a bit of money, had the interior painted, the floors redone, the bathrooms redone, the porch tiled, the front yard landscaped…and resold it (not for a profit..but I did sell it).

It was at that time that I knew I was an old home person. The modern cookie cutter neighborhoods of today and the ranch houses of the 80’s just don’t do it for me. The character and feelings that a house from the turn of the century (this one was built in 1931)give you are just inspiring and warm. I hope that Adam and I are able to find a place, in a part of town we want to live in, that allows us to add charm to the character and make the house ours.

I even had a garden back then too!Untitled

So, as we begin or I guess continue our search for an apartment or place to live, I still have my eye out for the perfect rental property that will enable us to have our old wood floors, big ole windows and charm of the past.

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