My husband has it completely wrong

Now that I have your attention…


I love Adam to bits, he truly is the best and is my ultimate and absolute match. We make a great team. But, he has it wrong…(for a first)

He has a theory.

  • If you were bad it your last life, you come back a woman.
  • If you were good in your last life, you come back a man.
  • If you were excellent in your last life, you come back a golden retriever.

There are so many events and instances in our lives that I could say, yes you are right. For instance:

*please note that all of these ideas are things we have spoken about and are generalizations…we know they don’t apply to everyone.

As a woman, you have to get all menstrual each month (god what I wouldn’t do to give up those awful kidney cramps). As a woman, you have to worry about hair, make up, fashion, friends, cadiness and all the other crapola that seems to effect us but men just brush it off. You go through awful teenage years.

As a man, your friends move on through issues. Men are more comfortable in their own skin. They have tougher skin and better muscle memory. They make better friends. You save money better. They can sleep around and not be called trashy.

As a golden retriever, you get to sleep all day, play fetch in the park, look beautiful and get loved on more than anything. Nothing is required from you except love.

I have always pretty much agreed with Adam and had him explain his theory to so many…but now as I sit here, 27 weeks pregnant and I feel our little man moving, rearranging, hiccuping, squirming, kicking and dreaming…. I know that he has it wrong. Being a woman and having the ability for such private moments with our unborn son is something that he will never (in this lifetime) have the ability to so intimately know. At this moment in time, I know that I was awesome in my last life 🙂

*I also know that at birth time…I may not be thinking the same thing*

A Note From The Eternally Wise Soul (Adam)
– To begin, Nicole is a woman, therefore her brain is significantly less developed….it’s science. Ok, not really…that’s just something I taught to my Korean students. Nicole’s got a pretty high power noggin but lacks the “old soul” experiences that I base my theories on and inherently know to be true. I do agree that as a man, I will never experience the same bonding that occurs between woman and child during pregnancy. There is something miraculous about the whole process that is truly awe inspiring and beautiful. At the risk of sounding like an unsympathetic spouse I can sum up my theory by maintaining  that there’s in no way, or where, on Gods Green Earth that I am upset that I’m not pushing our lil’ boy outta my hole and if there’s a flaw in that thinking….put me in the dog house where I can dream of the glorious king canine life I have yet to live.



    • Quality over quantity all around is definitely most important. I just think Adam and his friends always get along so well and let things go so easily… and depending on moods and life and things that are happening, I know I let it come between my friendships at times. Thanks for reading 🙂


  1. LOL! I love the post….I absolutely side with Adam as he has obviously done his full research and is well on his way to becoming a golden retriever 🙂 HOwever I believe the bottomline to all this is that we have no control of our last life so it is in this life that we must make sure we will reach golden retriever status! I hope you 2 are doing well!


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