The details are in the Planner

Yesterday, a simple package in the mail made my year. I love getting mail, as long as it isn’t bills, don’t you! Anyway, inside was my 2013 planner!!

I feel like my year can not start until my yearly planner is filled out, prepped and ready to go.


I’m not sure where my infatuation with written planners came from. But, I HATE using electronics to keep track of appointments. I love the idea of writing in my planner and keeping it with me. Living in Korea made it super easy to find the most adorable Diary’s (as they are called there). They have stationary store after stationary store filled with the cutest planners, pens, stickers, page markers etc. I swear it is an untouched market here in the states and would love nothing more than to open my own here.

Here are two of my favorite Korean ones.

Artbox and  Kimchi4u

Of course I could order one online from Korea, but I really wanted it to be fully in English and I really was on a mission to find one here in the states.

This year, I had a really hard time finding a “cute, stylish, affordable and functional” planner.

I spent weeks going through every store in Orlando… Barnes & Noble, Staples, Target, Papyrus, Hallmark etc. Anyplace where I thought they might possibly sell planners and man was I disappointed! All I found were super boring, plain planners and very few at that. I finally found a blog on planners through FatMumSlim and immediately ordered this journal. Let me introduce to you Frankie Magazine.

My favorite elements of a planner are the yearly date page

the yearly date page, excuse my toes
the yearly date page, excuse my toes

The monthly plans (which I immediately went to work on once I opened my package), and doesn’t February already lok so full!!

Monthly Plan Page

And of course the weekly plan page. Each month has a different design and there is PLENTY of room to write notes.

weekly planning pages
weekly planning pages

My only complaint is that there aren’t enough “address pages” in the back. But, to make up for it, I just used one of the “notes” pages. The planner has a page full of cute stickers and really exceeds my expectations.

I ordered the planner right before Christmas and due to the holidays, it got lost in the mail…it comes all the way from Australia! But, the good part is that their customer service was great and after a few email correspondence, they shipped me another one.

Who else uses a written planner these days? Do you think a written plan works better than an electronic one?


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