Guns, Fight Scenes and Kick Butt TV/Movies

I am an action movie/ tv junkie. Here is a list of the action shows I watch on a weekly basis (please don’t judge)

Anytime we watch an action movie, I always go off on a tangent, I thought I would share. This week, we watched Taken 2 and The Bourne Legacy, we also recently saw Jack Reacher in the movie theatre (and since I have read 7 of the books).

Here’s my beef

The main characters are all kick asser’s. They are perfect shots. They take out the bad guys in one shot or one good punch. But something always seems to happen in their “big” scene. There is epic music and all of a sudden their shots are off and they can’t aim at all.

Here is Nikita, she can typically take men out in one punch, but not here…and she weighs about 80 lbs…sometimes it just is so unbelievable.

In the final fight scene of Taken 2, Liam Neeson is fighting a guy about 2 feet shorter than he is. There is epic music playing and it takes him a good 5 minutes to knock the guy out…yet all during the movie, he is a one shot man.




Here is a scene from Hawaii 5-0 where Intense Steve can’t seem to get off a good shot (and yet, not bystanders are hurt)

Am I the only one out there that notices this?

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