A day on the Prairie…maternity shoot

Jenifer is a visionary. I have written about her before here and here. She is my oldest friend I have known her since I was 6. This weekend she flew into town to visit her family about 2 hours away in Alachua, FL. Adam and I made the drive and spent the weekend making memories. It was a blast.

Jen has been envisioning this “photo shoot” for months. Everytime I spoke with her she teld me about it in more and more detail and I continually said okay, sure, whatever anything for you yaddah yaddah. Well, she picked up this “nightie” and had visions of me silhouetted in the sun, nude with a belly full of baby…and Adam taking the photos. I was having flashbacks to being 11 and Jen posing in her cutest outfits outside the house with our disposable cameras and her directing me to pose…me whining about it and rolling my eyes, but complying because Jen always in the end had great ideas.

After I delayed the shoot until Sunday morning..followed her cues and convinced her to at least let me wear a bra underneath my “neglige”…I have some of the most amazing photos.

I couldn’t have in my wildest dreams envisioned that with my big ole belly I could look like this. (

Jen’s most adorable little girl Harper was also in on the photo shoot, but she is so darn cute, I think she needs her own blog entry, so I will write about that next.)









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