32 weeks

I can not believe it, but we have only 8 weeks or so to go until Gavin’s arrival. I haven’t done an update since 27, man time flies. A lot has happened these last few weeks…as well as a lot of belly growth.

How far along| 32 weeks
Baby’s Size| According to Babycenter.com you should be an average of 3 3/4 lbs and 16 13/4 inches long. This week they compare you to a jicama. PS. I had no idea what that was…check it out. At the Midwife’s office, they have these really cool beanbags which depict the average size and weight of your baby as it develops. Here is your Adam holding the beanbag for 32 weeks.


Weight Gain| HAHAHA, we have busted 150 lbs! That means we are up 28 lbs!
Sleep| I’m sleeping way better thanks to Dr. Rivera** No, he didn’t prescribe me drugs. He is a chiropractor. Since stopping yoga in Korea back at week 8, I haven’t had the best hips or support from my bones and ligaments. I go twice a week to Dr Rivera, who is not only super nice with a great staff, but pretty nice to look at too.
Clothes| Comfy is the best policy
Cravings| Nothing strange..still. I guess Gavin isn’t going to be a picky eater
Food MUSTS| Not a craving, but an absolute must…a ton of water. Friday I had a crazy headache coming on that blurred my vision and made my arm numb, it was nuts…reminded me of a migrane I had about 2 years ago. I called my Dr. and she said I should go to Winnie. For those of you unfamiliar, Winnie Palmer is a hospital here in Orlando for Women and Babies. So, Adam and I went to Winnie. They hooked Gavin up to a heart monitor where we heard him get the hiccups (it was pretty fun to hear). Then, they gave me some meds and I slept it off until my fluids were better and my headache gone. So, I am now instructed to drink my very special Winnie 32 ozWater Bottle, 5 times a day. 

Movement| You are really a blast to feel move. You are a total soccer player or some athlete in the making!
Belly Button| Still in, although the top half is sticking out.

Baby’s Sex| He is still a boy, we had a 4D sonogram a few weeks ago and it definitely confirmed his nice size….private parts. The technician must have pointed it out 10 times. Here is  picture of his face. It is a bit blurry because he wouldn’t stop moving and he has been flipped forever. His head is so far down there that there isn’t a lot of fluid between him and the outer part of my uterus. So, the sonogram machine didn’t have a lot of fluid to have the image clearer, but you can definitely detect a lot handsomeness in there! We were also told he didn’t have much hair at the time.

65972_10151454014669082_641918945_nHighlight of the Week (s)| We have started Birthing Class…and love it. You can read more about it here, we had our maternity shoot and you can see pictures here, and most awesomely… Gavin’s Uncle Shawn got married this weekend to his long time love of 8 years, Tiffany. It was a beautiful fairytale wedding and we rocked out all night. You have to understand that even not pregnant I am usually the first to crash and head to bed, but this preggo lady in heels lasted until 2 am, partying with the best of them…with a little less dancing, a lot less drinking…and a stop for a Whopper around 11:30 pm. We spent a lot of time with family and celebrated love. 




What’s to come| This weekend is our baby shower and next week we move into our own apartment! 


  1. Oh, how very exciting for your family. I love to see all you pictures, and what an adventurous life you have led so far. A child will only bless it beyond it a million times over. Do you plan to do lots of traveling with the baby now that it has arrived? Many blessings sent your way.


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