34 weeks

Our thank you card, designed and drawn by your Dad. We got the idea from a baby card we received from our friend Jen when we first found out we were expecting. Yes, that is my huge purple belly.

How far along| 34 weeks

Baby’s Size| According to Babycenter.com you should be an average of 4 3/4 lbs and 18 inches long. This week they compare you to a cantaloupe.
Weight Gain| Total of 27 lbs

Symptoms| I feel like I am back in my 1st trimester. I am SO tired and my belly feels like it is being stretched beyond! You are such a little alien in there. The other night in bed, it hurt to roll over. I had to have your Dad literally roll me over with both hands supporting my belly. I’m also super emotional. For a silly example, at Ikea the other night, they were sold out of the shower curtain I wanted… I cried. I tried so hard to hold it together, but then, I just started crying, I felt so bad for the young male sales associate who was helping me deal…and then we went back the next day when the new shipment arrived, and I got my shower curtain. I’m also really not so hungry. My appetite has shrunk immensely. I have a mid morning hunger streak and that is about it. 

Sides| My skin is actually beginning to clear up and my hair has grown like an inch a week right now! 

  • Last weekend a very great friend of mine, Cindy threw us our baby shower. It was coed and filled with people who can’t wait to meet you. We have tons of pictures still to sort through and it definitely requires its own blog!
  • We moved! We have our own home. You have your own room! (Pop Frankie is coming over this week to help us get your room painted and set up…which will also have its own blog) Your room will be completely done and your Dad and I only have a bed in ours and still no TV, or Internet, or Cable, or Washing Machine…but you definitely come first!
  • We finished Hypnobirthing class, so now, we are ready and prepared for you! My practice contractions (otherwise known as Braxton Hicks) have been coming on strong! Last night, they made my eyes well up with tears and I thought you were on your way out!
  • Your Dad has a great new job and looks so handsome every morning when he gets all dressed up and ready. He works with some wonderful people who also can’t wait to meet you! They also very much enjoy the benefits of my nesting baking since your Dad and I only eat a little of what I bake.

PS. To all you patient and faithful readers, we really will get with the program soon and get our blog back up and more active ASAP.


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