38ish weeks

I am totally slacking in every way. Here’s why.

We still don’t have internet in our apartment (tomorrow hopefully).

Ive been lazy.

Its so darn hot in Florida!

But, I have been productive…been doing everything in my power to fully finish this “nesting” period so Gavin will arrive.

This was my belly…full on contraction a few weeks ago. Yup..his bootie! Sticking out.

20130406_220907I have been Braxton Hicksing like mad and I just keep saying, this time it has to be “IT”…and then it isn’t. Gavin is still moving around like a mad man. The midwife says I have a ton of fluid in there so when my water breaks…I will definitely know.

Speaking of that… it is super hot in Florida. I keep our air on 72 and can barely handle it still. I turn on the air in the car to full blast, Adam turns it down…I tell him with an evil look…LEAVE IT ALONE!   I tend to go to the pool in our neighborhood in the afternoon. Full bikini…I don’t care. I was sitting on the steps reading a few days ago (Three Sisters by Susan Mallery..excellent quick read), but then started flipping out that I would have no idea if my water broke while I was in the pool. So, I sat on the side instead…it was too hot, so I went home.

I have been gardening. A few months ago, I began with seeds…then my nephews killed them. They were spraying them with water that was actually bug spray. So, I had to start from scratch. Recently, I have been potting them over on the patio in spurts, as they grow big enough to live and grow on their own. Since I am home so much, every hour or so I mist them with the water and they are thriving!


There are pole beans, cucumbers, tomatos, beets, radish, okra, peppers, dill, cilantro, basil, cantaloupe, squash, lettuce, kale, spinach, and who knows what else! I can’t wait to see things sprouting..and saving on my grocery bill.

Eunee has been extra strange lately. She definitely knows something is up. She is squeal barking at any noise, cuddling like crazy and just being overly attached. She is going to have a rough time sharing our attention I think. This was her last night…passed out…like a baby. Do you see how she is rubbing her butt all over Gavin, it is total dominance 🙂

20130416_200333As for the pregnancy, I have hit 160 lbs…thats a gain of 38. I feel fine, with the exception of my hips, I feel like my left one is about to melt at any moment and lying in bed is awful. I have found a way to settle up on my back reclined and then using pillows kind of sit butterfly style with one or two under each knee…and do my best to sleep that way.

According to my appointment this am, I am effaced. She said that he can come today, tomorrow, next week or really any day up through about May 6th. Jeez!

There really isn’t anything more I can do to prepare. The house is spotless, his room is finished, the laundry is all done, there is food in the freezer, cupboards are full, our bag is packed…I have made homemade everything this week…so now we just wait.

FYI…awesome fruit salsa recipe from my friend Nicole, made it yesterday, shared it with everyone and it was a huge success.

2 kiwis
5-8 strawberries
1 apple
Lemon juice
Pulse in the blender or food processor until salsa consistency.  Of course you can add anything you want or subtract!
Easy peasy!
The chips were just tortillas.
Cut them into strips or triangles
Spray with a little olive oil
Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar
Bake 250 or 300 until crispy. About 15-20 min…keep an eye on them so they dont bubble too much.

Do you have any tips to help me get through these last few weeks?!


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