1 week photo shoot

I have a bunch of blogs in the works, Gavin’s Birth Story, recover, adjusting to life etc…but this one couldn’t wait!

Tuesday, Nghi Le came over the house, all the way from Tampa. I went to high school with her and she is an amazing infant photographer…along with a pharmacist. I knew the moment I saw her first photos that I wanted her to capture Gavin at this precious stage. Her photography website is www.nghilephotography.com and her Facebook page is here. (Pop over to herFfacebook page and like it please…she definitely deserves the love and who doesn’t want to see adorable baby shots in the Facebook feed?) If you or anyone you know who lives in the Greater Orlando/ Tampa area…I HIGHLY recommend her. She specializes in maternity shoots, Infant Photography and Child Photography

We had to keep Gavin awake for 2 hours prior to the shoot in order for him to be exhausted for placement in the photos. Nghi showed up at 9 am, took pictures of us with him and then spent the next 3 hours posing this little munchkin.

Right now, I only have a few photos from the sneak peak she put on facebook…but once I have them ALL I promise to post. Look at this most perfect model. Can’t wait for his 6 month shoot (except I can, because I love him so incredibly tiny!)

474404_374970835953566_1880491123_o 921357_374489079335075_535877394_o 921459_375036632613653_775147580_o



  1. Amazing pics Nicole!!! He’s perfect!! I can’t wait to hear about your birthing story!! Isn’t being a mom incredible??!!! And the love is indescribable! Remember…when Gavin sleeps, Mommy should sleep too!! LOL


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