Birth Plan to Birth Story

Things definitely do not always go as planned and sometimes, they are not even close.

End result, tonight is night #4 in Recovery after a C Section…Here’s what happened

Monday morning after I wrote my update, my water broke. I had about 3 intense contractions, screamed, cried, was exhausted from everything else…and boom…water broke.

So, I freaked and cried some more and then called the midwife…again.

I went straight to the center around 9:30 and they checked me. I was still only dilated to a 1. They put me into a beautiful birthing room and left me to take a bath and settle into a relaxed state for the remainder of my labor.

As the day went on and they checked me again and again…I was only advancing one cm. every 4-6 hours. But, my contractions were every 1-2 minutes. It was really hard for me to eat or drink or even do much of anything but do my best to stay relaxed and breathe through every single darn contraction. I moved from the tub to the floor to the bed to the toilet to the birthing chair. I tried using the jets, humming with Adam and rocking on the birth ball…but nothing seemed to ease anything or encourage my labor along.

Around 6 pm I was exhausted, dilated at a 3ish-4 and in awful pain due to my exhaustion and inability to progress my labor. By 8:30 I sounded like a musician with my humming/screaming/crying and uncontrollable emotions of wanting everything to be over.. When I was still only a 4 at 9:00 and basically lost in a shaking painful oblivion, I asked to go to the hospital.

At around 9:30 pm on Monday, I was admitted to the hospital. It took a good 30 minutes to get me pain medicine and I was at that point beyond controllable exhaustion. Have you ever seen a baby lose control where they are all red, choking on their tears, screaming and really just neurotic? That was me and I really feel that I scared off any other Mom to be in that section of the hospital.


By the time the anesthesiologist made it in the room, I was lost. I was contracting like crazy, shaking, making noises no one has ever heard and cursing for the pain to stop. The epidural did help, not immediately, but somewhat close and I was able to calm myself down. I went to bed at 4cm, and slept.

I woke up in the middle of the night in an absolute panic, unsure of why I felt paralyzed. I had no idea that an epidural did that. It took me a good hour to relax enough and stop my mind from going crazy to get back to sleep.

I woke up once more at 7 am for shift change and met my doctor and new nurse. I was finally dilated to a 5. My contractions were still really consistent. Gavin’s heart rate was still fine…so we agreed to let it play out.

The doctor said everything looked fine and he thought we would have a baby by noon. Adam watched the contraction monitor and made fun roller coaster sounds as they heightened and I didn’t respond since I couldn’t feel a thing.

By noon, I was still only at 8ish cm. They moved the heart monitor for Gavin to the top of his head up in my cervix. At 1 I had finally hit a 9, but my cervix was oval shape and his little head was still way up and he was no where near entry to the world. They had given me Pitocin in hopes of helping, but it really didn’t do much.  At 2, the doctor came in and spoke with us. There was meconium in my fluid (Gavin had pooped inside), My cervix still wouldn’t open all the way, it was more of an oval 9cm which just wouldn’t allow him to come out. He also hadn’t moved any further down. By 2:30 we were being prepped for a C-Section.

Gavin at this point really wasn’t 100% safe. His heart rate hadn’t spiked or move from having any rhythm meaning he wasn’t being stimulated or working towards exit. The meconium in my fluid very easily can be ingested and make its way into his lungs.

I knew it was the right thing no question, I just honestly was so tired. The Dr, was so nice. He talked me through everything. Dr. Hoffmeister happened to be on call and lucky for me he is an amazing OB. He was calm spoken, discussed all our options with us and explained the whole procedure. Dr. Espinola was my anesthesiologist. He was by my side during the entire procedure.

I was very scared in the OR, seeing as though I have never had any surgery or hospital experience. I tried hard not to cry, I knew it was the right thing to do but I had just been through so much and I wanted to be sure that Gavin was fine.

Shawn, Adam’s brother…his Mom, My parents and Grandparents and Brother all made it to the hospital in time for the procedure. Shawn was able to help Adam suit up for the OR.


They wheeled me in and within 10 minutes Gavin was here. The sensations during the C-Section were very strange. There was pulling and tugging, tons of pressure and everyone talking. The side effect for me with the pain meds was talking. I was non stop ranting. I remember asking them to be sure they were smiling (behind their masks) to welcome Gavin, to use peaceful voices and yadda yadda. Adam was to my left and I just kept staring at his eyes. I had tears pouring out of mine. My body was literally convulsing like crazy as a side effect to the pain meds. It was very hard to focus on anything. I just kept waiting to hear Gavin crying. (The doctor had explained that if he wasn’t crying there could be more issues with the meconium). Finally we heard him, it seemed like forever…when in reality it was probably 4 minutes. The doctor had kept giving me more and more pain meds because I wasn’t numbing on the left side. I remember it feeling so cold.

The whole room became  a bit hectic, but really totally under control. I could hear machines suctioning and people talking about Gavin…he had a HUGE cone-head they said. I was so caught up in all the tugging and pressure and convulsing happening to me. Adam was keeping me calm. Then, they put Gavin on my chest and he was just staring at me. It was absolutely the most amazing feeling. I was so happy that he was okay and healthy.20130423_160320

After a few minutes, Adam went upstairs to the nursery with Gavin and Dr. Espinola stayed with his hand on my shoulder (per my request) while I was being put back together so to speak. Up in the nursery, they weighed and measured Gavin. Adam stayed with him the entire time. (you can see his huge cone head in this picture, it was completely gone by the next day)


Eventually I was wheeled back to a room and I saw my Mom. I cried and cried. I told all the nurses how much I loved them and appreciated them.

One by one family came to say hi and give us a lot of  love.


From one extreme to another, we had a birth plan which evolved into a long journey full of twists and turns and very unexpected angles. Reflecting on that, Adam and I know that our life together has pretty much been this way from the beginning. We always adapt and make decisions on whatever is thrown our way. It seems natural that Gavin can adapt too. He sure did a great job on Thursday, and Friday and Saturday and Sunday, Monday and again on Tuesday!)



  1. Congrats!!!!!!!!
    I’ve always said if we women were ever honest with our non-pregnant sisters about the HORRORS of giving birth NO ONE would ever, ever, put themselves in that situation!!!!
    hahahahahahaha. Thankfully, there’s an incredible sense of amnesia and “oh it wasn’t so bad” that kicks in soon after and soon we ourselves are having more children!

    Motherhood is the most amazing journey!!! Nothing will ever compare with it!

    I’m so, so, happy your beautiful boy has joined the party on earth!!!!

    hugs to all of you!!!!!


  2. As usual, great reading. We went through something similar when you were born. Only ours included an ambulance ride from the Concord Hospital to downtown Boston. I paced the floor in the hallway while your mom was bringing you into the world. We love you….Mom and Dad


  3. Congrats! Gavin is adorable. Aren’t the anesthesiologists the best during c-sections? I would have been even more freaked out than I already was without mine.


  4. Congrats on your new adventure you’re embarking on. I love your blog and have found a lot of helpful info from your posts. I wanted to e-give you the Very Inspiring Blog Award and let you know that I definitely think your blog fits that category. What an awesome arc from travel to the greatest adventure of all: a new baby! You can check out my post here ->


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