12 Weeks

Lame blogger here.

It has been weeks since my last entry. (WordPress has a new layout too)

So much has happened and Gavin is so big!

1064837_10151697760024082_2093349182_oHe is the strongest little boy. He can hold his head up. He loves the bathtub. He and Eunee lay on the couch and take naps together. Gavin has begun rolling from side to side. He has found his thumb (although he holds it in place with his other hand and sucks so loud you can hear him across the house)

Best of all, he slept 7 hours for the last 2 nights. I am thinking we may actually have a routine established (I can not believe!)

We went on our first family trip (ill blog about it tomorrow). 3 days was definitely long enough. We were pooped after.

I’ve been home during the day trying to figure out how to balance housework, baby time, me time and well just plain being functional. I am semi successful, but definitely still trying to figure it all out.download


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