Little Passports

1014997_10153009024590641_973996511_oNow that Gavin has his real passport to travel the world, I stumbled across this the other day. Little Passports is a company which helps educate your kid on Geography.

When signing up, you can chose the USA version or the World version. (I think the world one is awesome). For $131.40 your little one can receive a package a month. Inside are stickers, pictures, activity pages etc for your little one to experience the world. People Magazine wrote up the company and even stated that my favorite actress of all time, Jennifer Garner is a fan. (see blog here )

Little Passports was founded by two Mom’s who wanted to share their love of the world with their kiddos.

I can’t wait for Gavin to be old enough to receive these and really enjoy it (I hope they stay in business that long, maybe I should just subscribe and store them for him until he is older…I love getting mail 🙂



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