Giving Back

As I think about what I want to write about, I am nervous actually. Our readers (thank you to those of you who have hung in there during our baby sabbatical) are used to travel blogs or about our interesting and strange encounters abroad. So, why on earth would you want to read about babies?

I’m just gonna tell you that our daily adventure now is this little most adorable munshka! Parenthood is like nothing I would have ever imagined (even after babysitting, being an Aunt and a teacher).

I figured I would go ahead and tell you about a very cool organization I found through a friend, Eats On Feets (EOF).

20130719_114719I always knew I wanted to give back and help other Mom’s in some way. Fortunately, Gavin nor I had any issues with breastfeeding. I’ve been able to feed him and pump a nice amount. Gavin really isn’t into eating from me holding a bottle, so what’s in the freezer is pretty much staying there, and everything in my boob, he is lovin. I mentioned on Facebook about wanting to donate my extra milk to The Milk Bank, which is an organization which provides milk to Premie’s.  A friend wrote to me telling me about her experience with EOF. She was unable to produce enough milk for her little ones and used EOF as a supplement. The great thing about EOF is it is up to each mother and donor to match up on their own and organize the donation/ screening etc. She said that it was really wonderful to meet the Mom(s) that helped her provide her girl’s with this irreplaceable gift.
After hearing about it, I joined the Florida chapter of EOF and was determined to donate when I had enough of a stash in our freezer. Today, I am meeting with a Mom, I plan to give her close to 200 oz. of our “freezer stash” to help supplement breast milk for her little girl.

I am very excited to be able to help her out and give such a gift.

If you are a breast feeding Mom and have an extra “stash” in your freezer, please check out Eats On Feets and see if your area has a chapter where you too can help other Mom’s and their little ones.


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