3 months


Has it already been 3 months? 90 Days? It feels like just yesterday this little man, Gavster, Gavinski, Gavin, Munshki, Munshketa or “The King,” as our neighbor Mo likes to call him, was born. 3 months flew by, yet I have no idea how we did anything without him in our life.

Born at 7 lbs, 9 oz and 21 inches

Today at 14 lbs, 4 oz and 24 inches

Gavin James is an excellent size.

This is the end of Gavin’s 4th Trimester, which is so important to development according to the books I have read. He has already accomplished and grown so much. Gavin sleeps in his crib, in his room…not in our bed or bassinet anymore. He loves bath time and even floats on his back (with Daddy’s help). Gavin loves morning time and right before bed. Yesterday, we actually heard him laugh for the first time.  Tiffany, a wonderful lady Adam works with, had him in stitches every time she said Duck…we both tried last night and did not have the same effect.

We have begun wearing Gavin quite often when out and about (will write more on this later…but here is a sneak peak)

According to Babycenter’s 3 months Milestones (Yes, our little genius has mastered all of them)…

  • Basking in the warmth of your baby’s delighted smiles!
  • He imitates your facial expressions, babbles and mimic the sounds you make.
  • You no longer need to support his head, When he’s on his stomach, he can lift his head and chest, and even do the mini-pushups .
  • He can open and close his hands, shake toys, swat at dangling objects, bring his hands to his mouth, and push down with his legs if you hold him in a standing position.
  • You’ll notice him closely tracking objects that interest him and focusing intently on faces. He’s able to recognize you from across the room!

I have to say, we think he is pretty much the coolest baby ever.


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