The Coconut Revolution

762f207a1187152edd8d458dd19ae34fLast year it was Greek Yogurt, this year the rage is Coconut. Adam and I definitely fell in love with EVERYTHING Coconut and have exchanged quite a few products in our fridge to the coconut variety.

It all began with Coconut Oil. This was our first purchase, but not for food intake, for Gavin’s butt. We were told during birthing classes that it makes a great rub for his tuchas. If applied after every diaper change, the poo won’t stick to his rear (which those of you who have had to change those tar diapers know what I mean)

Then, we started cooking with the oil, and actually shaving with it instead of with shaving cream.

At a friends house for dinner a month or so ago, she was cooking with an awesome coconut spread…

And so our grocery list was updated and this is now just a few of our current purchases: 

1081343_10151737126209082_1933191042_n…the best ice cream ever…



Here is some info for you:

Top Ten Benefits of Coconut Oil

101 Uses for Coconut Oil

Recipes for Coconut Oil



What’s your favorite use/ recipe for Coconut Oil?










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