How do you meld the dreams and reality?

August 13, 2013!! our last post.

Man has life moved on since then! Let’s see, we have moved twice, to two different states, bought a car and a boat, and are about to expand the family to another +1.
I opened up the blog this morning as my mind is doing flips. Our life has become one of American monotony and I am trying to keep my head up and face the idea as that is what happens when we become parents and get all caught up.
But, part of me refuses. Our bedroom is decorated in boats from our travels. We have framed boats from 6 countries and every night as I lay in bed I realize I am dying inside to travel, or at least have a plane ticket knowing we have something coming up, some new city to explore, some new beach to lay on.
The catch, is now, in just a few weeks that is, we will be parents of 2 children, travel is different, finances are different, life is just different.
So, what do we do? How do you get time off of work? How do you buy tickets and book a hotel knowing that your littles won’t sleep well in a hotel, they may not adjust to the time change, you have to buy an extra ticket on an airplane? There are so many more variables now.
Those of you who have traveled with littles, advise please! Where do you go? How do you begin?


  1. You were the first person I was in contact with before moving to Korea, and I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs and following your adventures since then. I understand that urge to travel, to move and see new things. I’m not a parent, and I don’t plan to be, so I’m probably the worst person to give advice, but one thing I’ve grown incredibly fond of is exploring places here at home in Oregon when that American monotony starts killing me inside. The more hiking and backpacking I do, the more I realize I get the same thrill of travel just an hour or so away from home. Even just a few hours on an easy trail refreshes me in a way that’s hard to put into words. A lot of the trails here are kid-friendly– some even stroller friendly!– so you might consider that as an alternative to long-distance travel until your kids are older! I was always so consumed with getting out of the states for adventures that I forgot there was a lot of beauty and adventure to be had right here.


    • So true! We actually plan on trading in the boat for a popup and exploring more in the Spring. I am really excited to see Wyoming and some of the other beautiful natural places around here! Plus it is way more affordable now that we have to buy 3 plane tickets 🙂


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