This is G

10408931_1534838973437184_1972338661246165145_nThis is G, 21 months! How time flies, right?! He is a super cool dude (who gets called a girl way too much due to his long hair.)

At 21 months, he is sarcastic as all get out, has the facial expressions of a 12 year old, and is pretty much the most awesome kid out there. His favorite word is bus. Everything is bus. We have a bus stop within eye sight of our front door and you can often hear G yelling Bus Bus Bus when one goes by.

10906284_1523488237905591_32035602047705517_n Long hair, don’t care as I like to call him, loves trains, cars, trucks, coloring, books, animals and just about everything but eggs.  He is a great eater and likes his berries, grapefruit and pretzels the most. Cars, Mater and McQueen along with Dinosaur Train and the Krattz are a few of his favs on the tube. Sleep is good, 11 hours at night and a 2 hour nap in the day. I think he is excited to be a big brother as he does hug the belly and recognizes that it is way bigger than it used to be.

At the store he DOES NOT like to sit in the front of the cart, but more so navigate Titanic style by holding on and staring out at the aisles of goodies in front of us. He gives great high fives and is even a little soccer star on Saturday mornings.

I used to tell my friends, I don’t want him to grow any bigger, I love him right now and they would always say that all stages are fun. Right now, this just before 2 stage, so far, is pretty much the best (or so I say now) This little man and his huge personality really brings upon some sort of emotion that I never knew existed. This love and life has some sort of fulfillment that life without it can’t explain.

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