37 weeks


22 months later and here we are again! 37 weeks pregnant with a crazy little boy. He is a super active youngin who has overall been a pretty easy pregnancy. Moving to Denver has been hard with the altitude, but it is nice to be around old friends and family. My OB is super awesome and the hospital we are delivering at is perfect (we have already been to the ER 3 times due to a stomach bug, food poisoning and what I thought was a fluid leak…)

I have gained 40 lbs which is actually a little less than where I was with G.

I think the second pregnancy, in a way, is harder. You kind of already know what to expect so you constantly are comparing. I also belong to a February baby group on Facebook. It is pretty awesome to be sharing this with 164 strangers all pregnant at the same time. But, as they begin to have major symptoms, labor and their babies, I keep wondering, when will it be my turn and EEK, I don’t want to go into labor again!!

This week we have had a little bit of a concern at the OB, which I am trying not to freak out about after listening to other peoples stories, but at 37 weeks, my fundal measurement is around 33/34 weeks. Next Wednesday, Adam is coming with me to my appointment, the Dr. is doing a growth scan just to be sure baby is growing ok. She feels babies and tummies every day and after feeling around my belly, she believes that this little guy is small, under 6 lbs already, and that he isn’t taking up a lot of room. Like I said, trying not to flip out and knowing he is active and safe inside…he just needs to stay put so he can grown more.

Due to our crazy last birth experience, we do have a scheduled birthday of February 23rd (G is April 23rd), as long as he stays put until then, that will be when we go to the hospital for surgery. If I go into labor on my own, then we can see how it progresses and what route we will take.

It sure is a little crazy to be updating our blog now, after more than a year! There is really so much to share, this is only the beginning. I hope our readers are still somewhat interested in our news 🙂

PS. this was me 37 weeks with G!


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