South Cakalakin

We knew in May 2014 our lease would be up in Sanford. We had no idea where we wanted to go at that point. We scoured the internet and rental sites trying to find a perfect property for us. With just a few days to spare, we stumbled upon a lake house in Fair Play, South Carolina. Where is that you may ask? It is about 2 hours north of Atlanta and an hour south of Greenville. It reminds me of a place that may end up being along the highway of the Walking Dead (highway 85).

We packed up the moving truck and drove for what seemed like forever, northwest towards our new home.


We ended up with a beautiful 3 bedroom with a deck, a huge backyard, a boat dock and very few neighbors. While we thought this would be a great thing, with a toddler and both of us working from home, it became very isolating.


We did end up planting a huge garden, buying a boat and spending many dinners out on the back deck. It was magical and even more so, a place you would only dream of as a vacation spot or weekend getaway.


We even had a chicken coop with a few hens.


Knowing us, in our Adam and Nicole way, and our antsy selves, and the news of a new baby, we did pack up, break our lease, find a new tenant and decide to move after 5.5 months.

We had some great months though, and a lot of fun visits from family which included boat rides, bbqs, and lots of relaxation.


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