A little Thank You

This blog is so darn kid centered but honestly I can’t think of a single thing to write about besides kids! I won’t touch anything controversial at the moment…vaccinations etc are really hitting the web in such a crazy way. I have my opinions and practices, but don’t really feel like it is anyone’s business but decisions that Adam and I make together.

So, instead, I will talk about food 🙂 Not food for me, believe it or not, but food, more like a gift basket for the sweet nurses we will most likely be spending 4 days with.

I belong to the most supportive baby group on Facebook. It is a secret group of 164 women who are all due in February. We post exciting news, troublesome news, problems, questions, pictures etc and of course we are all able to bitch and complain and because we are all in the same boat, we all kind of “get” each other. Each of us, I would imagine, have bonded with a few others more closely. It is really nice, kind of like having a sister from another mother 🙂

Babies began being born early in December and currently, as I type, 93 have been born with another 73 to go. It is fun to wake up every morning to new pictures of newborns and happy exhausted moms.

Someone posted an idea of making gift bags for the nurses at the hospital and I personally loved the idea. I was determined to do it and finally had the energy last week. I made 2 baskets, one for the night shift and one for the day shift. I’m super excited to recognize the nurses who will help me so much.



  1. How exciting for you! When I was pregnant with my first, I belonged to a similar group, but through iVillage. We eventually migrated to a secret Facebook group. We are still active and our babies are all 7 years old now. So nice to have support in all different places.


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